Run Unwanted Programs and Keep Computer Safe

When you download something from the net, you can never be too sure whether it is secure or not. Sometimes the antivirus might give you to correct result, sometimes not. You might end up downloading and installing something that may have a malware that will harm your computer. That’s where Sandboxie comes in use. It runs your program in an isolated space or a ‘sandbox’ thus preventing them from making changes to your system’s OS. it creates a container in which your program can be run.



Now you can run any of your programs such as browsers etc in a virtual sandbox which is separated from your system virtually. Even if the program has a virus, the virus will operate in sandbox and will not harm the system. On shutting down the sandbox, all the programs are erased without infecting the system. If you find the program to be all right, you will have to register there changes outside the sandbox. To use it, just install it, right click on any program and select “Run Sandboxed”. You can use your Web Browser in the sandbox mode so that all your traces are removed after the browsing session. There are some programs that you won’t be able to run in the sandbox mode. You can even configure to automatically start few programs in sandbox mode.

This program is not meant to replace your antivirus. It adds an extra layer of security to your system. It is a freeware and is of great use.



  1. Nihar says:


    Great find. so from now if we are new to any s/w and we are a bit skeptic can use this to avoid damage to the PC.


  2. nice post…..I am using bitdefender for my pc…never had any virus issue

  3. Rishi says:

    An idea of virtual environment for running application is great. Thanks for the share.

  4. Nice way to test and run unknown applications before installing them. You are right, sometimes AV is also not capable of detecting malware.

    This method may be helpful in identifying malicious programs.