Google’s Mail Goggles to Prevent Drunk Emailing

If you have a habit of sending email when in drunken state and later regretting about it, then this new Gmail feature is for you. Google has launched a new labs feature for gmail called Mail Goggles which will make you solve a set of math problems before sending a mail to determine if you are in the right state of mind or not.



By default, it is set only for weekend nights, so you wont have to worry about it during the weekdays. You can turn the feature on in the settings and can set at which time do you want it to be active. You can also set the difficulty level of math problems which it makes you solve. I don’t think it will be of use to anybody and it has been launched just for fun.


  1. Rishi says:

    I think Google people should work out to remove beta tag from their applications rather than doing such things.

  2. Pallab says:

    This is obviously just for fun. And seems to be a good move when you consider the amount of press coverage this is getting.

  3. ven says:

    although the intent was.. humorous, I wish they could do more things with gmail that would actually benefit their users. Perhaps a timed email sender?

  4. kuanhoong says:

    Google has all sort of weird ideas to solve our daily life problems.

  5. Bush Mackel says:

    You gotta admit, this is kinda funny. Now if someone invents something to prevent you from checking your ex’s Facebook or MySpace and we’d be in business. ha ha

  6. AAA says:

    Drunk mathematicians would probably need questions about life and sex.

  7. InterNet Age says:

    The exposure, I agree with Pallab. Brilliant idea.

  8. haha I think Bush got it about right – bad bad times have happened following a drink + facebook!