Eyes Relax – Utility to suggest Eyes Rest


Working long hours on a computer can sometimes be harmful for the eyes. It is better to take periodic rests in between so that your eyes can relax. However while working on computer, you might get so busy that you may forget about giving your eyes rest. Eyes Relax is a free utility that will remind you about taking breaks when working on a computer.

You can customize the length of the breaks which you would like to take. During the break, you can do activities like relaxing your eyes, taking a walk, look outside the window etc. This way you can give your eyes periodic rests while working. There is also a “Parental Mode” which you can use to force your children to take breaks. In the Parental Mode, the software cannot be disabled and computer is password protected during the break time so that children are forced to take the break.

This is a nice utility from the medical point of view. Do give this a try.