Google Ads now on Games

Google is ready to extend there Adsense programs to include video games. It will soon be launching “Adsense in Games”, a technology which has been designed to show advertisements in web based video games. This way, advertisers can get a new way to reach there customers.

Adsense in Games will show ads targeted towards young men in action and sports games. The ads will be videos that will be showed before and after a game or in between levels. In Game advertising is not a new idea. We have seen various big consoles games having them. It has received a mixed response from gamers. But since Google Adsense program is based on click, I am not sure how will it work with web based games. I don’t think you can expect users to stop the game, check out and click the ads and continue the game. But since Google has entered the market, this new medium is sure going to become a lot popular.


  1. InterNet Age says:

    There is no where that Google wont market and games are no different. Anyone know whats happening with the Google radio.

  2. Rishi says:

    Idea seems good but how did they perceive that a gamer will actually click the ads while he has an Adrenaline rush while playing.

  3. Pavan Kumar says:

    May be in coming 2-3 years, Google Ads would appear on higher skies and clouds. Probably to put ads on moon would be the highest priced one 😉

  4. I remember being shocked the first time I saw an ad on a Youtube video. Nothing really surprises me now as far as ad placement.

    ~ Kristi