Hexagora Performance Monitor – Monitor System Performance

Performance Monitor

Hexagora Performance Monitor is a small system utility that can be placed on the desktop and system tray to display the current disk, CPU, memory and network utilization. The program displays these with the help of nice animated graphs which are visually appealing. If you are looking for a small program to display system information, then this is a good choice.

The program consists of four small windows which are fully anchorable and moving the CPU window will move all the windows. You can disable any window you don’t want. Three visual styles are available to choose for your music window. You can even customize them by modifying there background and foreground color and choosing the type of graph. You can even set the transparency of the graphs. Moving the mouse over the graph will display a tool tip revealing more information.

A nice and cool application to view you system performance. And its customization is a bonus option. It works in Windows XP , 2003, Vista and it is also portable.


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  1. Pallab says:

    It certainly looks nice.