QuickZip – Fast Compression Utility


Zip is the most popular choice for creating archives even though it offers some low compression ratio. QuickZip is a free and powerful compression utility for windows. It supports around 14 archive types and some its features and ease of use sets it apart from others.

You can use it to create tiny setup programs, convert zip files to self executing archives with progress bars and even list archives in html or text format. It has a nice graphic viewing facility which makes it ideal for using with photos. You can also add comments to each zip file so that other people can read the comments before opening this zip file. A backup script generator Is included to provide one step backup support for your files. It also has a multi rename tool which can be used to rename the files automatically. It can also be used to upload archives to FTP server or even send them by email. The MultiExtract and BatchZip feature allows you to work with a lot of files.

It may not be the best Zip utility out there but its interesting feature makes it pretty worthwhile.

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  1. TechnoSamrat says:

    I personally prefer PeaZip since it an open source software..