Customize Windows Vista Installation with vLite


Whenever you install Windows Vista on your machine, it comes with a lot of components or utilities that you probably don’t want. vLite is a software that lets you create a Vista installation DVD that will only have the things that you want. You can also use it install vista without responding to any prompts, all by automating those actions. You are not doing anything illegal as long as you are making these changes to your own Vista DVD and keeping it to yourself.

To use it simply, copy all the files from the Vista DVD to the hard drive. Then you can run vLite to remove components that you do not need, integrate hot fixes or third party drivers, you can also integrate Vista SP1. vLite will then create a new DVD which will have all the changes that you have made. You can then burn the DVD and use it to install Vista which will have all the things that you wanted only. This way you can save a lot of time and can also increase system performance and can also save time by getting rid of all the prompts that you get while installation.

The only downside is that you will have to burn a new DVD and install Vista from it. Why not create a new DVD now and use it whenever you wish to format your computer and install Vista again.



  1. PC says:

    I am thinking of switching over to vista soon. This will be a handy utility.

    I will do my first vista installation using vlite.. Thanks for the share..

  2. stratosg says:

    i remember vlite for xp… it is a handy utility indeed. thx for the share!

  3. Ivaan Shah says:


    I find window vista very helpful.Yes this article is quite informative.keep it up

  4. Pallab says:

    @stratosg vLite for Windows XP is called nLite and its a wonderful software. I dont use Vista so I dont use vLite. But I use nLite a lot, and have my fully customized Windows XP 3 dvd with pre-installed softwares, registry tweaks, patches and stuff.

  5. Chetan Gole says:

    Just like vLite, i have also seen nLite which is made for Windows XP, Both softwares are quite nice.