Rename Multiple Files with Filesman


If you are working with a lot of files and you need to rename then, then this task can take a long time if you do it manually. Filesman is a free utility that can help you in renaming files according to a certain criteria quickly. It is very useful when renaming files such as mp3 or images from a digital camera.

It can rename files quickly as well as according to a certain criteria. It offers lot of possibility which are

  • Rename all the files in the directories or sub directories
  • Upper case or lowercase all filename, or uppercase filename after a space or dash
  • Convert Underscores to blank spaces
  • Rename just selected files by filtering files with wild chars
  • Modify File attributes
  • Numbering of Files
  • Add any sequence of characters
  • Convert filename to 8.3 DOS format
  • Print File list
  • Remove numbering present in file names
  • Multiple file selection
  • and lots more

This tool can certainly save you a lot of time while renaming files. And this does it very fast too.


  1. Hi Madhur – That is definitely a useful tool. I usually use the command prompt to rename files but it obviously doesn’t do everything that this program does.

  2. @kim
    Glad you found it useful. It is certainly better to use than the Command Prompt