Darkroom – A Basic Word Processor


Darkroom is a full screen minimalist word processor for windows which lets you focus on the content that you write. The application transforms your computer screen into a dark background and removes all the toolbars and such stuff. You can then write and it will be displayed in green color. It is like using a type writer and can really help in distraction free writing.

There are o toolbars but you can access the basic functions by pressing the keyboard keys. You can even change the c0lor and size of the fonts that is displayed. it ahs some advanced features like ability to open documents from right click in Windows, auto save etc. Though it lacks lots of features, but this is what makes it charming. If you want to write a big article or post, and need no distraction, then this is just the right thing for you.

It is a free editor and requires .Net Framework 2 to run.


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  1. kuanhoong says:

    I guess with the dark background, it is environmental friendly too. Less power usage on the monitor.