Clean Recently Opened Files List with MRU Blaster


Windows stores a list of your most recently opened documents at various places so that they can be accessed quickly next time. By looking at these, someone may know what we last opened/accessed/saved and lots more. So form the point of view of privacy, having these can be dangerous. MRU Blaster is a free utility that can be used to delete such traces from the computer.

It scans your computer for MRU entries , cookies and internet cache files and can remove them. Its scanning is very fast and after that it presents you with a list that it is going to clean. Then you hit the “Clean” button and all the entries are gone.It also comes with an option to clean or exclude cookies, secure file deletion, deletion of index.dat files. In the settings you can specify to location to be scanned and files to be cleaned. You can also use the scheduler to make the program run at specified intervals or during startup.

It is a free windows application. Do give it a try and tell me if you find it useful or not.