Convert Scanned Documents to Text File with SimpleOCR


SimpleOCR is a popular OCR software that can be used scanned documents to text file or word documents. It is a great software for those who wish to recognize there text from scanned documents. It is also a royalty free OCR SDK which developers can use in there applications.

To use it simply insert the printed document into the scanner, SimpleOCR will then scan and analyze the text and will present it with an spell checker view so that we can correct any mistakes that it could have made. After that you can save the result to a text or word file.

There is a limitation with the free version. It will work with printed documents only. If you have a hand written document or a poor quality document that you want to convert, you will have to go for the paid version which offers such features.


  1. apurba says:

    its a very fine sotware to use.