Manage Your iPod with Yamipod


If you are an iPod owner and don’t like iTunes like me, then this freeware is perfect for you. Yamipod is a freeware standalone program which can even be run from an iPod and can be used to manage an iPod under Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.  It is a nice alternative to iTunes.

You can use it to perform a lot of operations like copying mp3 and aac files to/ from an iPod. You can even export or import play lists, remove duplicate songs, create and edit notes, search for songs etc. It even comes with a built in music player and lyrics support. It can also display your iPod information such as serial no, owner, space info etc. You can even manage Podcasts with it.

So if you are not a fan of iTunes, do try it for managing your iPod.


  1. stratosg says:

    i was looking for a freeware for like ages! very nice! stumbled!

  2. intowindows says:

    Exactly I want..Thanks..