Clipdiary – Free Clipboard Manager


The standard Windows Clipboard doesn’t retain data for long. It keeps on changing as we copy/paste various things. Sometime we may copy things on the clipboard and they might get lost if we forgot to paste it and turned off out computer. Clipdiary is a free clipboard manager that runs quietly in the system tray and keeps tracks of all the data we copy to the clipboard.

All the information is stored in the database so that we can recall any item at any time. It can also save various types of data including text, rtf, images. html and so on. We can also use it to take a series of screenshots which it will store. To view the clipboard history, we have to just press the Ctrl + D or press the icon in system tray.

It is a great program to use if you want to copy/paste the same data in multiple locations.


  1. Nihar says:

    Madhur, great tool!! It is absolutely useful for developers.

  2. InterNet Age says:

    Hi Madhur.

    Will definitely be trying it out as the standard functionality of the clipboard is just not enough. It has always bugged me that I have to open a notepad to paste what I have copied in order to copy something else first. Thanks Goran.

  3. @nihar
    Yep, it is very helpful

    @Internet Age
    I was also not satisfied with the standard. This one is way better

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