Organize Your Start Menu with Winstep Start Menu Organizer

Start Menu

The more the number of programs, games you have installed in your system, the more cluttered the Start Menu will get. Searching for programs can also be tough and time taking if you have too many things in your start menu. Winstep Start Menu Organizer can help you in such situations by organizing your shortcuts by grouping them within categories.

By using it, you can group your shortcuts into different categories such as Office, utilities, Games etc so finding them is much easier. The user interface is very easy to use and also comes with Drag and Drop support. When you run it for the first time, it will take a backup of the contents of your start menu. You can also search and remove dead shortcuts from the start menu with a single click. And the ability to backup and restore the start menu is also there.

It is a freeware and it also comes with a pro version that offers you the creation of your own custom folders. It supports all the major operating system.

Via LifeRocks