Track Your Computer Usage with Manic Time


There are occasions when you would like to find out about your computer usage like which applications you used for how long. Manic Time can track your computer usage and tells you which applications you have used on a certain day and for how long the computer was active or idle.

The freeware can also record active and away time and the time you spent on each softwares. The activities are nicely represented using a color coded timeline. You can also get detailed reports for the programs that you used. You can also tag the timeline with your own keywords. All the data is stored on your computer in a local database and is not transmitted anywhere. In more detailed reports, you can see how long were you active on computer on a selected computer of time and what application you used during that time.

This is a great software to track your computer usage efficiently. The interface is neat and information is presented in an elegant way. You can even use it to see if someone used the computer on your absence or not.


  1. Rishi says:

    Nice find. But i don’t want to show the time i’ve been playing game to my mom. lolz.

  2. Wow, this looks pretty cool…I’ve downloaded it already.

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  5. I downloaded this, but it required Framework 3.5 and it completely hosed up my system.