Google Analytics Getting Adsense Integration


One of the features that many Adsense publishers were looking for is here. I am talking about the integration of Adsense with Google Analytics. The new facility has already started rolling out and will be available to all the Adsense publishes gradually.


The integration means some good news for publishers as they will get access to in depth reports about user behavior on there site. Now publishers can track there Adsense performance better by looking at reports which tell them about Adsense performance page wise and by referring sites. This way, a publisher can make better decisions regarding ad placements on site and can optimize the earnings. You can also view the trends in your Adsense performance over a period of time or at a time of day.

The feature is not available to all the publishers right now. A user will see an invitation on there Adsense “Overview” page when the feature is available for them.