FlexTk – Advanced File Management Software

flextk_128px FlexTk is an advanced file management utility using which you can perform a variety of functions ranging from categorizing the file, finding duplicate ones and wiping the data from the hard disks. You can even use it as a Windows Explorer replacement and it also allow you to view the folders and even specific type of files in them.


You can even use it find duplicate files on your hard disk and its scanning is pretty fast and impressive. It even allows you to perform a rule based file search and users can also apply some advanced rules while searching. Its Disk Monitoring system allows you to monitor disks and directories and keep track of the changes there. Some of its features are

  • Generate Hash signatures for files and directories
  • Verify Integrity of Files
  • Wipe Data from hard disks
  • Copy data in a Fault Tolerant way
  • Identify wasted storage capacity

There is also a paid version of this software but the free version is enough to suit your needs.

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  1. stratosg says:

    sounds nice… i’ll take a look.. thx for the heads up!