Get BIOS Information with BIOS Agent


BIOS Agent is a free and easy to use program that will identify your computer BIOS and will give you all the information regarding it. This is quite helpful if you want your complete BIOS information if you are planning to upgrade it.

The information is presented in a well designed interface. It will give you information regarding

  • BIOS Date
  • BIOS Type
  • BIOS ID string
  • Motherboard OEM Data
  • Motherboard Chipset
  • Super I/O Data
  • CPU Data
  • BIOS ROM Data
  • Memory Data

A very nice utility which provides you with some useful information.



  1. stratosg says:

    this looks like a very interesting program… i’ll download and put it on the toolbox 😉 thx!

  2. kuanhoong says:

    Yeah looks like a good and useful software.

  3. nikhil says:

    I can’t download ” BIOS Agent ” Utility…… showing error..Can you send me this utility to my E-mail ID..