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Organize Firefox Tabs with Tree Style Tab

Many of us use Firefox as a default browser for our daily internet browsing. There are numerous add-ons available for Firefox that tend to increase it functionality is some way. Tabbed Browsing is one of the features that has made browsing much more effective. But if you are like me, and you open a lot […]

Get Detailed Information about any File with FileAlyzer

FileAlyzer is a free software that gives you a complete information about any file. It will provide you with all sorts of information regarding a file. It can also interpret common file contents like resource structures like text, graphics etc. The information is shown in tabs and the tabs might vary depending on the type […]

Optimize and Clean Your System with nCleaner

nCleaner is a free utility for cleaning up your system be removing all the junk files from. It even does more than that, it contains over 90 cleaning items to keep your system junk free and optimized. The tools include Tweak Manager, Startup Manager, Junk Finder, Free Space Shredder, Real Time Monitor, System Adviser, scheduling, […]

Find and Remove Duplicate Files with Duplicate Cleaner

You may sometimes be amazed to find how much Duplicates Files are there in a computer. Over the course of our computer usage, we download and save a lot of things, sometimes we make an extra copy of it to be safe. Then we forget all about them. This is quite common in case of […]

Store Your Passwords Securely with FlyingBit Password Keeper

FlyingBit Password Keeper is a secure password manager which allows you to store all your logins, passwords, serial keys, codes in a single place. Remembering multiple passwords for different sites or programs is a tough job. With this software, you can store all your passwords, serials etc in a single place in an encrypted form […]