RetroShare – Private Peer To Peer File Sharing Program


When you use P2P programs such as Limewire, Kazaa etc to download files, you download them from unknown users and sometimes the files may contains viruses or other malwares. And while using such programs, other users can also connect to you to download stuff you share. RetroShare is an open source decentralized platform to share files among a group of friends you trust. All the communication is encrypted with OpenSSL and it supports File Sharing, chat, messages and channels.


RetroShare allows you to share files among your friends only. It requires no central server and is very decentralized. To connect with your friends, you will have to send them a key by email which will enable them to connect to you. This way, only your friends will be able to see the files that you are sharing and will be able to download them. Since all the connections are secure, nobody will know what files you are sharing. There is also an introduction scheme which will connect you to friends of friends thus expanding the network. Since it is highly decentralized, a node failure will not bring down the whole system. Apart from file sharing, it also supports chats and messages.

This is a great way to share your files among your friends in colleges or even in offices or over the Internet. Since you know your friends are reliable, there is also no danger of getting a virus infected file.


  1. kuanhoong says:

    You can create your own BitTorrent tracker file and send the torrent file to your friend directly and start sharing file via the BitTorrent P2P protocol.

  2. Thanks for the info buddy