Shutdown and Restart between Different Operating System quickly


If you have more than one operating system installed on your computer, normally to load another operating system, you restart the computer and wait for the Boot options to come up and then select the OS you want to start. ‘Restart’ is a system utility which can help you in such situations.

It will create a small icon in the System Tray and with just a single click, you can shut down the computer and restart it with the selected operating system. Along with it, you can can shut down the computer in different ways including stand by and hibernation. It also has a schedule function and an option for uncommon configurations and it makes use of the Microsoft Boot Manager.

It is a very small utility and works with Windows 95,98,Me,XP,2000,2003.


  1. Does this only work w/ different versions of Windows? I would love something like this for Windows and Linux.

  2. @Kim
    I couldnt test it as i dont have Linux installed. If you have Linux installed, do give it a try and also inform me if it works

  3. I don’t have it installed right now. I’ve been meaning to but haven’t had the time recently. Maybe I will this weekend – I’ll let you know what I find out.