Extract Resources from Dll/ocx/exe files with Resource Extract


Most of the file types such as dll, ocx or exe files contains a lot of resources like images, icons, bitmap, cursors, html files etc. Resource Extract is a free utility that scans these types of files and extracts all the resources from them and stores them in the hard disk.

The user interface is simple. Just specify the location of the file or use wildcard characters to specify lot of files, select the location where the extracted resources should be extracted and then select the type of resources you want to extract. Then just click ‘Start’ and you are done. You can also run it in command line mode where you have to manually type the commands.

The freeware can run on any version of Windows from 98 to Vista.

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  1. Oh sweet 🙂 I’m assuming this can be used to get goodies out of game files … ??