ViStart – Vista Like Start Menu for Windows XP


One of the best feature about Windows Vista is its start menu which enables you to find your files and programs faster. Windows XP start menu doesn’t come with this feature. Now Windows XP users can also enjoy the features of Vista’s start menu. ViStart is a free start menu replacement for XP users which very much resembles the Vista’s start menu is display and features.

ViStart indexes the program shortcuts along with the files as well. This reduces the time taken to search for a particular file or a program. It claims that it is 4 times faster than the default Vista Start Menu. It also comes with Fading Menu options so rolling over each option in ViStart will blend each option similar to that of Vista icons. It also comes with a Vista skin so the start menu will look just like that of Vista. Other than, third party skins for the program are also available at Deviantart.

The program is small in size and is only for Windows XP. A very good replacement for the XP Start Menu.


  1. InterNet Age says:

    Awesome! Having the good Vista functions without having it running on your pc, now that’s shweet! I will download and use it. It will be much better on XP.

    Thank you for the post.

  2. Shubham says:

    I cannot install it. the installer windowsdoesn’tcome. help.