Recover Word/Excel Password with Free Word/Excel Password Recovery

free word password recovery

Free Word/Excel Password recovery is a free software which you can use when you have forgotten the password of your Word or Excel files. Though it is not as advanced as most of the paid software for the same purpose, it is better to give it a try before going for any paid product.

This software can recover files from Word/Excel 97 to Word/Excel 2003 files. Support for Word/Excel 2007 files will be added in the near future. The software uses a large dictionary and tries the word against files. Basically it uses the “Brute Force” approach, all the combination are tried against the file to see which one matches. So if your password length is long, this can take a very long time to recover it. However for short passwords, the results are fast.

You can give it a try before going for any paid software. You may never know, it might just work for you.


  1. Pavan Kumar says:

    I usually don’t set passwords for my office files.. so no probs… 🙂