Remove Unwanted Programs from new Computer/Laptop with PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier

Whenever you purchase a new computer or laptop from Dell, HP or any other company, they come filled with a lot of trail version of crappy application which you don’t really need. These can sometimes be annoying and load during startups to slow startup time. PC Decrapifier is a freeware that can automatically remove such applications.

Its usage is simple. Just run it and it will automatically remove all the applications. It can remove some specific programs and not all of them. To find what it removes, check here. Mostly it will remove the trial programs and games that you normally get with Dell or other manufacturers PC.

Better create a restore point before using this and you don’t know what it will end up removing. Other than that, it is a nice application.



  1. I’ve heard of this one before but it’s really useful. I’ve never purchased a computer from one of these companies but I can imagine that all the preinstalled crap is annoying.

    Did you get your graphics card problem sorted out?

  2. @Kim
    I have sent it for replacement. I am hoping that it gets replaced quickly. Will get further news on Friday

  3. I like that… Decrapifier. At my last job, we got Dell laptops for everyone, and the first thing we did was reformat them to Windows XP to get all of the extra junk off. Even the business models that were supposedly ready for business use still had crappy extra stuff embedded in it.

    ~ Kristi