Access Windows XP System Utilities quickly with XP Syspad


If you want to access Windows System Utilities and functions quickly without going through the control panel and clicking through all those icons and menus, then you must give XP Syspad a try. It is a freeware the gives you access to all those utilities from a central place which makes it much more convenient.

It runs in the System Tray and you can easily access your favorite utilities quickly just by right clicking and selecting. The main program window also gives process information and allows you to access almost every windows function from there. You can also use to recover your lost product keys of Windows and Office XP. It also gives you access to a list of installed programs which can also be quickly uninstalled from there only. Some of its over 250 + features include

  • Disk Partition Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Utility Manager
  • Internet Explorer Repair tool
  • SAM Lock Tool
  • Lots more

It is a nice application which lets you access almost all of Windows utilities quickly and efficiently.

One Comment

  1. That looks like a good tool. Of course, I haven’t done much work with XP in hopes that I will get a Mac soon. My fiancĂ© has gotten me hooked on his!

    ~ Kristi