Embed Images on Your Desktop with Desktop Takeover

add photos to wallpaper desktop background too

We all like to customize our Desktop with a variety of stuff like Wallpapers, Widgets etc etc. Desktop Takeover enables you to customize your desktop by embedding images anywhere on your desktop. You can design your desktop by dragging pictures wherever you want and resizing them according to your liking.

You can also add Image “Channels” which will rotate the images at specified intervals. You can not only use the pictures stored on your computer, but also from web albums like Flickr etc. You can also shuffle between the images randomly or on specified intervals. You can also add border style to your images. After you are satisfied with your desktop layout, you can even share it with the others or download what others have shared. It even supports multiple monitors.

The only drawback of the program is that it consumes around 30MB of memory. It is a freeware and is available for Windows XP/Vista.


  1. CypherHackz says:

    30MB? It is same like my antivirus memory usage.

  2. creon says:

    30MB is not bad considering all the things the software does. The app caches “channels” in the memory so when it comes to updating the displays it happens smoothly. Having disk thrashing and your computer slow down to a crawl because DT wants to update your webcam views and photo albums is a lot worse than saving memory. Desktop Takeover is a multithreaded software designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Besides, that’s what memory in the computer is for. To be used. It’s not like your wireless minutes where you have to be careful how you use them because eventually you run out. 😉

  3. Loner says:

    This program called “Desktop Takeover” is supposed to be FREE, but the developer has rigged it to self expire so they can sell a new version.

    When you install the new version, you will find out its not free. When you uninstall it and try to reinstall the old FREE version, it cant be done without errors because the developer has invaded your registry by embedding code which prevents old version from being installed.

    To make things worse, the developer has also taken it upon themselves to further hijack your web browser to lead you to their web page to buy this product.

    This flagrant and irresponsible act is deceptive and it infringes on people’s personal property by removing FREE software’s ability to function in favor of software for money. Also, it invades someone’s computer like a virus and decides which page you will go to when you open your browser.

    These acts are unacceptable and no one should download or buy from this deceitful developer if they want to avoid having their registry messed with.