Take Screenshot of Whole Website with Web Screen Capture

Web Screen Capture

There are a lot of tools available when it comes to taking screenshots of websites. Earlier I have written about ‘Webshot’ and ‘Fireshot’ which can do the job well. One more tool that can be added to the list is Web Screen Capture. It is a free and portable software for taking screenshots of Websites.

It can take the screenshots of website and save them as full size images in Jpeg, BMP, Gif, PNG formats. It also supports command line usage and html files can be converted to images in batch. The interface is very simple. Just type the URL and select the type of image. The image it captures is of good quality.

A nice, free and portable software.

via LifeRocks

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  1. I downloaded Webshot when you wrote about it and am really happy with it. I don’t need to use it very often but when I do it creates just what I need. I’m not sure if I need another program.