Search and Download Subtitles with Sublight


There are a lot of Websites in which you can search for subtitles. But searching for a particular Subtitle in a number of sites can take a lot of time. Sublight is a software which lets you easily search for movie or TV Series subtitles and download them.

There are a lot of options available when it comes to searching for subtitles. You can search for subtitles based on movie name, year or even based on a particular season and particular episode. This is very good when it comes to TV series. There is a suggest feature which will auto suggest you the name of movie or TV series and will fill the search form automatically. You can even perform the search just be selecting the video and all the details will be auto filled. After the search results are displayed, you can download the subtitles, play it with your media player, if you like the subtitle, you can also link it with the video. You can even use it to add your movies and videos and all the subtitles can be easily maintained. You can even publish the subtitles. It even has Windows Explorer integration.

It is a free software that works with Windows 2000/XP/Server and Vista. It requires .Net Framework 2.0 to run. A great tool which makes Subtitles searching a lot easier.


  1. I didn’t expect a whole software being written for this !!

  2. stratosg says:

    definitely absolutely going to take a serious look at this. thx man!!

  3. mary says:

    Very good software! Tnx for this info!

  4. DJSays! says:


    Great find. Thanks man. Looks promising.