Remove Partial Software Installations with Windows Installer Cleanup Utility


Sometimes when you are installing a program on your machine, the installation might fail due to a variety of reasons like power cut or computer can hang etc. In many cases, when you try to install the program again it wont work. Windows Installer Cleanup Utility is a free program that can be used to remove Windows Installer Configuration Information from your computer so that you can install or uninstall the program again.

It is helpful in situations whenever you are unable to install/uninstall a program as the installation files are corrupted. The program doesn’t remove the program but it can remove the Installation configuration information enabling you to install or uninstall the program. You wont be using the application everyday but in some situations, this might come in handy.

It is a freeware

One Comment

  1. Rohit says:

    Useful kind of utility, I will have to use it since I am unable to install Antivirus program since it was installed partially because I had to restart in between.

    Thanks for sharing.