Secure Your Laptop With Laptop Alarm


You have to be very careful when you carry your laptop with you to public places like conferences, libraries etc. Your laptop contains lots of your personal information and you sure would like to keep it safe. Suppose you are at the library and you want to get a drink of water. Most probably, you are likely to carry the laptop with you but that seems like a tedious job. Laptop Alarm is something that can help you in such situations. It is a good utility to use when you plan on leaving your laptop for a few minutes.

Laptop Alarm will sound an alarm when somebody tries to steal your laptop. You can configure it to sound the alarm whenever certain events are triggered like Power cable is unplugged, USB mouse is disconnected, the system is shutdown or logged off. These are the most likely things someone is going to do if they plan to steal the laptop. Laptop Alarm will sound an alarm and that might alert someone or you.

It is a freeware and runs on all the versions of Windows. It is a good software that can help you keep your laptop protected in public places.