Find Software Updates with UpdateStar



If you have a lot of software’s installed on your computer, then keeping track of there updates in not easy unless the software has an inbuilt update check feature. UpdateStar is a freeware that can make your job much easier by keeping track of software installed in your computer along with there updates.

It will first scan your computer for installed software and then it will produce a list along with available updates, the download link and additional information. It supports a lot of software along with freeware. It will run in the system tray and you can customize it to check for updates daily, weekly or monthly. You can customize the software list and you can also ignore some products whose updates you don’t want. The program is in beta and hence it doesn’t have support for almost all the software. But in the future, I expect it to improve.

It is a freeware and runs on Windows XP/2000/Vista.


  1. stratosg says:

    i have seen something similar some time ago… my only problem is that it couldn’t automatically update… does this one have this feature? that would be great!

  2. Steve Yu says:

    Nice tool. Thanks for sharing it.