Measure Your Processor Speed with CPU Speed Professional

CPU Speed

If you want to find about what is the real speed of your CPU, then you should give this little application a try. CPU Speed professional is a free application that will test the speed of your Intel and AMD processor. It uses hard core speed algorithms to test the CPU speed.

The interface is stunning and features nice animations. A Speed dial is used to display your processor speed. Just click on the ‘Test CPU Speed’ and it will perform  4 tests to measure the speed. You can also find out more information about your CPU such as manufacturer, family, published speed etc with it. If you want, you can submit your score online to see a global or country wide ranking of your CPU speed.

It is a free application that runs in all the version of windows.


  1. Fahad says:

    I downloaded and isntalled the program on my comp. I have a 2.53 gigaherz core 2 duo processor. It said my actual speed was 2520 Mhz, which is fine BUT its a core 2 duo, meaning it has two cores. I submitted my score and saw that other people even with a celeron cpu of say 3 ghz had their speed published at 3 ghz, meaning their cpu is faster then mine, but ofcourse we all know thats not true.

    So I guess the author of this program didn’t take multiple cores into consideration, which makes this tool somewhat unreliable and non-accurate.

    I was hoping to see how my cpu ranked up with other AMD’s of same cores and same speeds etc but I cant do that with this tool. Do you know of any other tool for this purpose?

  2. shain says:

    try this program.
    it actually tells you the speed not just repeating the Ghz number