Data Crow – All in One Media Cataloger


You have a big collection of your music CD’s, DVDs, Movies, Video Games and books. It is tough to organize all such stuff and keep track of them when you lend them to somebody. Data Crow is a media cataloger using which you can manage all your collections from a single program. It is especially helpful for those who have a large collection of books, music, movies, games etc. With Data Crow, you can create a database of all your items and keep them organized.

To add an item to your collection, simple register the item with the program. You will have to manually add each item. You can select from Software, Movies, Music files, Audio CDs, books and contact persons. Well you don’t have to enter all the information. You just have to type the item name and it will fetch the rest of the information from online database like Amazon and IMDB. For music files, it will scan the directory and use the embedded tag information.  If you don’t like the information fetched, you can manually edit each field. You can even set the state of each item such as “used” , “Lost” etc. With an address book, you can also keep a track of all the items that you have lent to your friends. Its interface is simple and very easy to use. There is also a search function using which you can search your collection for a particular item.

It can be used to Catalogue almost everything from movies to games. It offers many functions which makes organizing all your media a very pleasant process. The program is written in Java and so will require Java RunTime Environment to work.

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