Fix Registry Errors with Wise Registry Cleaner


As you install and uninstall more and more applications on your system, your registry will contain a lot of junk or obsolete information. It is better to get rid of that information to keep the PC running in good shape. Wise Registry Cleaner is a small utility that will scan your registry and will help you get rid of those broken or obsolete entries.

It will scan the registry and find the junk information. The program also classifies information such as “Safe to Fix” and “Not fully safe to fix” so that you can decide what to do with items. It is better to take a backup of the registry and the program can perform a registry backup also so that you can recover in case of some fault.

It is a small application that can clean your registry and optimize your computer. It is free and a pro version is also available with some additional features. It works on all the versions of Windows.


  1. stratosg says:

    i never trust these thingies since they might make a real mess. did you check this one out?

  2. Great article!

    This is one that i havent done a review for myself. I may have have to look into it.

    Thanks for the info!

  3. ‘Registry errors” option are an important factor to use in clean up your comp at regular intervals

  4. Wise is good, but I often find that the program just hangs on me. Anyone else?

  5. I have recently purchase a registry cleaner and after using it my pc is working much better.