Catalog Your Movies Collection with Personal Video Database


If you are a movie buff and you have a huge collection with you, then organizing them and keeping track of them is tough. Personal Video Database is a freeware that will allow you to catalog your movie or DVD collection fast and easily.

The interface of the program is easy to use. It can maintain huge databases easily. You just have to type the title of the movie and it will retrieve the details such as plot, actors etc from online sites. Movie Covers can also be downloaded from Amazon or you can use the one that is stored on your Computer. Movies can be filtered and grouped according to the genre and you can also search for them easily. It supports ratings, bookmarks, import/export. A nice feature is that of loan management so you can keep track of movies which you have loaned to your friends.

This is a nice software to keep track of your movies collection. It runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. If you are looking for a All in One Media Cataloger, give Data Crow a try.


  1. Awesome! This is perfect for a friend of mine. He has a huge DVD collection.


  2. Jim says:

    Hi Madhur,

    I have a feeling I might be Kim’s friend with the huge DVD collection. 🙂

    She did pass the link along to me and I’m very grateful to both of you. The site I used for over a year closed down and I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement for my collection.


  3. @Kim
    Thanks Kim for referring this to a friend

    Glad you liked it Jim. I am also using it to manage my movies collection

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