PhotoFiltre – Free Image Editor


Though Photoshop is the preferred choice for many when it comes to image editing, it has a very heavy price tag. If you are looking for a nice and free image editor, then PhotoFiltre is a great choice even for newbie’s who have just gotten into this. It has a lot of features and effects which can even be compared to that of professional editors.

It offers you all the standard feature like paint brushes, clone brush , selection etc. It even has filters which allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma correction, dyed etc. Artistic filters include Indian ink, watercolor, pastels, puzzle effect etc. The interface of the program is simple and will appeal to all. It also support Batch processing while applying filters, adjustments. Unfortunately, it does not support layers like Photoshop but you can increase its functionality with plugins that offers some extra features.

So if you are looking for an image editor for basic work or some advanced work, this will help in every occasion. It works on all version of Windows.