Get Detailed Information about any File with FileAlyzer


FileAlyzer is a free software that gives you a complete information about any file. It will provide you with all sorts of information regarding a file. It can also interpret common file contents like resource structures like text, graphics etc. The information is shown in tabs and the tabs might vary depending on the type of file.

It integrated with the Windows Right Click context menu. To Analyze a file, simply right click on it and select “Analyze File with FileAlyzer”. It will then open a windows containing the tabs and all the information. For music files, it displays the tag information which can be edited. You can also save the file information to the clipboard or copy md5 tags to clipboard.

A nice software if you are looking for some advanced information about a file.

via LifeRocks


  1. stratosg says:

    wow that is called a snitch not a program 😀 very nice post indeed…

  2. Aswin Anand says:

    Will this app be able to tell which processes have opened the current file?

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  4. brooks says:

    This is really very useful application as such. I am so very obliged for this one.