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Avoid Fake Torrents with Vertor

Most of use torrents for downloading a lot of stuff. But Torrents also contain a lot of spam these days. Many of the torrents turn out to be fake and some may even contain spywares or other malwares. Most of the time, we are not sure what are we downloading.  Vertor, which is short for […]

How to download Blocked files in Office

Earlier I told you about How to surf Websites in Office. This time i have another cool trick. Many a times when you use the Internet in Office or college, you will be behind a proxy and sometime you won’t be allowed to access some specific file extensions. Download At Work is a nice web […]

Configure Windows Right Click Menu With FileMenu Tools

The Right Click Menu helps us a lot in doing our work faster. However, there are things that we would like to add to it and things that we would like to remove from it. FileMenu Tools is a free software using which you can add a lot of commands to the right click context […]

Prevent Automatic Windows Restarts with ShutdownGuard

Many applications installed on computer keep updating themselves in the background. Some of them include Windows Update, Antivirus update etc. Many of them might restart the computer after the updates without even taking your consent. Imagine working on the computer and suddenly you find it restarting. ShutdownGuard is a free application that will prevent such […]

Manage Images in 3D with Twins Visions

Twins Vision is a free image management and editing program that allows you to manage your images in 3d. You can navigate through your images folder in a 3D style navigation which is very convenient. It is quite a unique way of viewing your images and managing your images also seem easier this way.