Manage Bookmarks Visually with Tidy Favorites

Tidy Favorites

Tidy Favorites is next generation program that makes managing bookmarks between different browsers a lot easier. It allows you to create Bookmarks that can be shared between different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. Though there are a lot of similar software’s around, its visual element is something that makes it worth a try. It allows you to organize your bookmarks in tabs and folders and access them from a single place.

The program install as a software but it will add a ‘plus’ and ‘star’ button to the browser toolbar. The ‘star’ button is used to display and organize your bookmarks. When you click on the button, a new page will open which will display your “Top Links”, sites which you visit frequently. It wont just display the URL, but it will display the Thumbnail of each website. To add a bookmark, you will have to use the ‘plus’ button which will add it to the program’s sidebar. The Bookmark will be uncategorized but you can categorize them by creating Tabs or folders and you can group similar bookmarks into them. This way finding bookmarks will be a lot easier.

It also allows you to manually select the Thumbnail images for a bookmark. This way you can use the image that will be best associated with the website according to you. The Drag and drop feature makes the program a lot convenient. Bookmarks can easily be shared between browsers. So even if you save a bookmark in one browser, it will be displayed in all the others since it is saved centrally. One feature that is missing from the program is the ability to import existing bookmarks. I hope it is added in future versions. Skins are also provided in the Pro version.

You can install the portable version of the program if you want to carry your bookmarks with you in a USB drive. A pro version is also available but free version has almost everything you need. The program works in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.


  1. Nihar says:

    Nice tool to manage the bookmarks.

    Thanks madhur.

  2. RanMan says:

    I’ve been using Tidy Favorites for quite some time and am extremely happy with it. I currently have over 300 thumbnails/booksmarks on 16 different tabs.

    Just recently upgraded to the “Pro” version to get three more skin options and the ability to add more search buttons. Very nice.


  3. John says:

    As an alternative bookmark manager i use Advanced URL Catalog. Using this software is easy and it integrates with all browsers.