Close all Running Programs with SmartClose


Whenever you are installing some applications or games, it will prompt you to close all running programs as they might interfere with the installation process. While Defragmenting and CD Burning, it is better to disable the background programs. Doing so one by one is tough and will take a lot of time while closing as well as starting again. SmartClose is a free application that will close all your running programs automatically. Before closing the programs, it will save the current state of the system so that it can opened and restored later.

The program has two wizards, “Close Program” and “Restore Program” wizard. If it cant Close the process, it will try to kill it with SmartKill method. After the installation, you can restore all your programs that were closed. Along with that it can also disable and restore the screen saver. If you don’t want a program closed or killed by SmartClose, you can add it to the list of protected programs. It will also skip processes that are required by Windows to run.

It is nice program that every user should use. It might come in handy many times. It runs on Windows 98/2000/Me/XP.


  1. stratosg says:

    this actually seems veeery interesting. it can save a lot of time! thx!

  2. This looks very useful. I must admit that I never close running programs when installers tell me to. I only do for defragmenting – I haven’t run into any problems recently running programs at the same time.