Save and Retrieve Internet Explorer Sessions with IESessions


Suppose you are working on the Internet, finding information about some project and you are interrupted for some other work. If you have a lot of tabs open, then you have to save them all in favorites or you can save them in another file. Such things are not very efficient and your Favorites will also contain a lot of entries of something that you might not need later. IESessions is a free Internet Explorer extension which allows you to save your IE sessions quickly. You can them reopen it later and resume from where you were or you can also export it.

To use it, simple click on the IESessions icon and give your session a name. All the websites that are currently open are saved. It doesn’t store any cookies or login info. You can also export your sessions and take them with you. This way, you can work on any computer and import your sessions on it. So you can resume your work on any other Computer. You can also store your sessions on Amazon S3 but it is a paid service.

This is a nice tool and adds some functionality to Internet Explorer that is not there. It works with IE6 and IE7 and IE8.

Via Freeware Genius


  1. InterNet Age says:

    Awesome App. Is there something similar available for Firefox? I’m sure there is though, as FireFox is the king of add-ons, plugins and extensions.

  2. Nihar says:

    Great find madhur. It is similar to other browser which comes with restore last open tabs when closed last time.

    Thanks again.

  3. […] Madhur from Madhur Kapoor’s Blog is a very useful tool – Save and Retrieve Internet Explorer Sessions with IESessions. […]

  4. […] Save and Retrieve Internet Explorer Sessions with IESessions […]

  5. jeremy says:

    Great addon, just like session manager in Firefox.

    However it does not work with IE8!!! When trying to save a session an error message comes up.

    Please de-bug – I want to use this software. Great stuff – thanks in anticipation