Repair and Tweak Internet Explorer with Repair IE


If you still use Internet Explorer, you will notice that after some time, it starts closing unexpectedly or frequently. This might happen due to some corrupted setting or malwares. Repair IE is a free and powerful utility to clean, repair and optimize the Internet Explorer registry with a  few clicks which will make IE more stable but will also improve its performance.

All the options are categorized into 5 groups which are Appearance, Features, Network Connections, Search and Security. You can customize IE in a number of ways such as preventing downloads, restricting users from changing the homepage. Some of the things you can do are

  • Disable the Internet Explorer HTML Source Editor Check
  • Restrict Web Sites from Installing Software
  • Disable the Ability to Customize Toolbars
  • Empty Temporary Internet Files on Exit
  • Change the Default Keep-Alive Time-Out in Internet Explorer
  • Hide the Internet Explorer Icon
  • Use Smooth Scrolling in Internet Explorer
  • Remove the Content Advisor and Ratings Password
  • Disable Access to File URLs in Internet Explorer
  • Disable Password Caching in Internet Explorer
  • Many, Many More

So if you use IE, keep this handy utility in order to optimize or repair it. The program runs in Windows 99/2000/Me/XP/Vista.

The program modifies the registry settings of IE for tweaking. It is better that you keep a registry backup before making any changes.