Desktop Media – Get Automatic shortcuts to USB drives on Desktop


A few days ago, I mentioned a software called Desk Drive which automatically created a desktop shortcut whenever you inserted a USB drive. The shortcut was automatically when the drive was removed. Desktop Media is a similar application but it has got a couple of nice additions.

Some of its feature are

  • Automatically detects new (or existing) media and adds the icons to your desktop
  • Has the ability to create soft links (shortcuts) or hard links (symbolic links).
  • Supports removable, fixed, network, CD/DVD, and RAM disk drives
  • Ability to ignore user-specified drive letters

The ability to create hard links is a nice feature. And its memory usage is also pretty low. It consumes between 3-4 Mb memory while Desk Drive was consuming around 8 Mb memory.



  1. Rishi says:

    Nice find. Have seen such thing only in Ubuntu, where the drive is displayed on desktop once it’s mounted. This on will definitely be helpful for Windows users.