TreeSize – View Your Hard Disk Space


Freeing up free space in your hard drive can be tough if you have a lot of partitions and folders. It is difficult and tiring job to check each folder individually. TreeSize Free is a utility which analyzes your drive and shows you how much space each folder is taking in that drive in graphical manner.

After analyzing the drive, it will show which folder and subfolder is occupying how much space. After knowing the information, you get an idea about which folder or files you want to clean up. It can be used to scan your CD Drives, network drives along with hard drives also. You can even view the results in ascending/descending order, based on KB, MB, GB. You can also see the number of files in each folder. The scanning is pretty quick and results starts getting displayed simultaneously. It makes an entry into the context menu so that you can easily use it on a specific folder. It also prints a report of the information.

You can install the program or run it directly clicking the exe file. There is also a professional version which costs money but can give you more detailed info. But the free version is enough for home or personal use.