Remove Adware and Spyware with Spyware Terminator


Even though you may be using a good Antivirus software for protection, it is always a good idea to install a separate one to deal with Trojans, Spywares and Adware. Most of the Spyware Removal tools are not free but this one definitely is and it does a vary good job. Spyware Terminator is a free adware and spyware scanner with lots of feature and real time protection to remove spyware, adware, malwares, key loggers, Trojan, home page hijackers and other threats.

It will scan the system and then report about its findings. Each thread will have a rating and classification and by looking at it, you can decide how to deal with the threat. You can even customize the scanning process, either let it deal automatically with threats or it can also offer complete user control on how to handle the threats. It even offers real time protection for browser, startup entries, HOST files and other system files. You can even schedule it to run scans at regular intervals. It even offers free automatic updates so you are protected against new threats. It even offers integration with Clam AntiVirus to get higher security. It can even protect you from phishing sites.

It is a very good Anti Spyware software that will appeal to both novice as well as advanced users. It has all the things a paid anti spyware software has. Though depending on your config, your computer might become slow.