WinExt – Horizontal Docking Application


We have seen various Docking applications such as RocketDock, Circle Dock but this one is a bit different. WinExt is bad which docked to the top/bottom of the screen and gives you access to your files, programs or folder. You can either place a shortcut there or can even use a cascading menus to access every content of a folder. And you can also add an infobar with status indicators for CPU, memory, battery, and hard disk drive usage below the dock. This bar helps you monitor your system and gives easy access to the file manager and task manager.

You can organize folder on it in many ways. You can either place a shortcut there, create a cascading menu or you can place it as an expanded folder where the content of the folder will be displayed as icons on it. It is also very customizable and its settings can be changed easily. You can display information such as time, memory usage on the right side of the application and it will be displayed as a Marquee. It also comes with an option of 2 skins to change its appearance. The infobar is nice little enhancement which gives you some useful info. Its memory consumption if quite high, it was taking around 28 MB of memory.

I think you can customize it to your needs perfectly, the memory consumption is a drawback but lets hope the future version correct this. It is compatible with both XP and Vista.


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  1. stratosg says:

    i don’t know if it’s gonna be usefull to me but in general it seems pretty nice…