Make Your PC Boot Faster with Startup Delayer


Startup Delayer

Whenever you Boot your PC, every startup program tries to run at the same time. If you have several program lined up for startup, your PC will become very slow for several minutes after booting. To deal with this, we have a free program called Startup Delayer. As the name implies, this free program delays the startup of programs so they don’t try to start at once. This makes the boot process much faster.

When you run the application, you will be presented with a list of programs that run when you start the PC. To set a delay for any item, just drag it to the whitebar at the bottom of the window. A line will appear which will represent the program. You can drag the line left and right to decrese and increase the delay. You can repeat this for all the program that you want to delay. You can dealy the programs by seconds or by minutes. This way you can make your important programs start quickly while delay the programs such as Messengers etc to start a bit later.

If you load a lot of programs during startup, then this is a must have utility for you. It is a freeware and works on all the version of Windows.


  1. Great tool! I don’t know how you digged this out but it’s terrific. My XP has more than 2 years and maaaany programs installed. Thanks Madhur!

  2. Keith Dsouza says:

    This is a nice tool, have used it in the past to remove unwanted items from the startup

  3. Pavan Kumar says:

    It is wise to have your startup list very small rather than using these apps. But this app is a gift for newbies and non techies…