Tweak Windows Vista With Ultimate Windows Tweaker


Ultimate Windows Tweaker

TweakUI was a very famous tweaking utility for Windows XP but there was no such similar utility for Windows Vista. Ultimate Windows Tweaker is tweaking utility for Windows Vista and it can be rightly called as “Tweak UI for Vista”. It allows you to customize Windows Vista with over 130 changes.


The program is portable and requires no installation. The interface is simple, easy to use and the tweaks are categorized under the following categories

  • Personalization
  • User Account and UAC
  • Security
  • System and Performance
  • Internet Explorer
  • Network Optimizations
  • Additional Options

It can automatically detect whether you have IE7 or IE8 and offer relevant tweaks. You can get more information about a tweak by hovering your mouse over it. A lot of useful tweaks are available which lets you customize Vista the way you want. You can always resort to the default settings if you wish.

It is a freeware and is available for Windows Vista.



  1. Rob says:

    Nice find.