Manage To Do Lists with MiniTask


Ever since Adobe AIR was launched, I have loved the application that are built on AIR platform. MiniTask is another small Adobe AIR application that can be used to manage your To-Do lists. It doesn’t have many features but if you are looking for something that is simple and easy to use, it can serve your purpose.

The interface consists of a small window. You can right click on the Window to add new tasks or new dividers. Dividers can be used to group your tasks in categories. You can also check off an item on completing it. You can also set alarm for the tasks and on reaching the alarm time, the task item pulses in the window. You can also use it to copy tasks between applications or you can also print pretty looking tasks sheets. Tasks can also be dragged and dropped and be reordered.

A simple and easy to use application.


  1. abhishek says:

    There is another adobe air applications meant for to do purpose called doomi – i am using it from a long time it is good also.

  2. I can appreciate small pieces of software which keep things simple and focus on one task. Yes, it may not have all that many bells and whistles, but it’s focused, and because of that, it’s light on system resources and operates quickly. Especially great for systems which aren’t all that quick.